The humans made the first music on their own voice. The instrument which they used to expose their emotions and their minds was their vocal chords.

   Afterwards, they started to make sounds when they hit the objects to each other.

For a while, they started to change the shapes of their instruments and their sounds of course.

They learned playing all these instruments together, thus they have been step into polyphonic music. Different sounds were appearing and prestigious songs have been played at that time.

Anymore there was only one missing and that was the human voice. They noticed that all of these instruments were the servants of human voice.

    The human-being responded to their space needs with natural spaces. Sometimes they've been sheltered into caves, sometimes they lived  under a tree. Later, they constructed shelters where and how they want by using the materials which's creating these objects.

   Today , they're constructing buildings upon buildings with one of the fundamental materials maybe the basic one ; Concrete.

But there is one thing they've forgotten, a secret thing, a complement like the human voice in music. In fact a thing in the origin but moved away today...

   We think that the humans may integrate origin and concrete by creating a new virtual period instead of the road they passed over without concrete, behaving like there was concrete forever. Well, from the beginning if humans have been used concrete , what they have been done ?

Note: The humans imitate the things which they see around them for being attuned to the topological and ecological ambience of the environment.

1) Life under trees... The people who live under a tree build their own grand tree and live under of it in time...

2) Cave supplements... The people who used to live in caves build their own caves from concrete...

Later, Concrete caves and trees started to appear…

3) The people started to build vertical fields between cave houses when agriculture was so valuable.

Cities became mass of vertical fields, than circulating flumes have been built for bringing the water to the fields.

4) Human-being changed the scale of their imitations to micro-scale.

For example, the water and air controls of stomas inside the leaves have been imitated.

By opening some holes to the cave walls they accommodated some plants in it.

Sometimes the holes have been larger and filled with advanced adobe systems.

5) There was need for more space to the growing population.

To answer this problem, larger cave houses have been built.

   In conclusion of our journey, we thought that the concrete mustn't be disconnected to nature like it's been today. We decided to organize the concrete in sequence of life and materials by exposing the secret fact: The Nature .In this aim, we decided to design a separate housing upon a family's demand as a result of the period which concrete and human being have been in.

   The housing which we design is in a hot climate region. Forefathers of the family chief lived in these caves for centuries. Moreover they have a pure rock cave from the past. The thing that the family wanted from us was using pumice as an aggregate and tufas for agriculture. The green adobe system and concrete will be used in the building which will have dense pores. And there will live three children with their parents.

The people who live in the cave houses felt the discomfort in minimum, they adopted to this life , because they live with concrete from the beginning of time.

So this pushed them to live without detaching from their habits. For that reason ,the nature gained an importance like their relatives.

Furthermore, some kind of animals and plants protected by people.

There are four benchmarks that defines the place which we'll build our housing.

A) The rock which the house will recline. ( the house will recline to this rock,

they'll be union then they'll be called as Motherrock )

B) Present mole burrow ...

C) The zone which has density at some sort of plants and the Mothertrees will be grown up there.

 D) Hollow zone between these three points.

   Nearly, there will be a holy garden next to house. Holy garden is a terrace occuring from bones which's colligated with concrete.

   Concrete has been a connection component for the people more than a structure.

It's connected the spaces, materials and habits. For long years,concrete has connected it's own connectivity to years and there's no ‘implicity’  remained...

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01-alternative time line
02-concrete process
03-alternative possibilities
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