Serkan Duman
Architect - SDMIM Founder


Serkan Duman has been working as a professional Architect since 2005. He worked many kind of projects to develop  like Housing, office, hospital, shop, cafe, mall, cultural center from concept to construction. He started SDMIM Architecture in 2010 Istanbul, Turkiye. SDMIM moved Corlu, Tekirdag, Turkiye in 2017.

During the recent years, Serkan Duman has specialized on natural construction methods and he has started build with earth, wood and stone. Each passing day, while earth is getting consumed, as an architect Serkan Duman try to find natural solutions for architecture and construction and hopes to help  reviving of traditional architecture while he is working on natural elements.

Serkan Duman has a published book about architecture, urbanism, art and history and he has many published articles on magazines and newspapers. He is studying for PHD at Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul.